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February 28, 1941 - Neil Doughty

Minneapolis, Minn.
February 28, 1941

Dear Marie,

        It really was swell,- receiving your letter and I surely was surprised to hear you were in California!  Im awfully glad too, that you had such a grand trip out there - that you like the country so well - and, that everybody's so nice, I know you'll have a good time.  The way you described the climate there, - golly honey I envy you - a person sure gets tired of these lone Minnesota winters, there longer every year it seems - so the next time you sit under a palm tree, think of me, wont you dear.

        Jim, Elanor and Baby Pattie were over a Sunday or two ago and they said to say hello! - boy will they be surprized to hear what your up too!  Jim sort of has the fevor, to move out of there too - California or somewhere, guess he is working pretty hard and not getting anywhere either, it is the same old story with all of us.

        Well honey, I am glad you liked the Valentine.  I feel sort of flattered by your compliments.  Didn't think it was very good myself - just wanted you to know, I was thinking of you.  It was nice of you to say you liked it.  your sweet!

        The radio schooling has "slowed" up a little - partly due to finances and partly due to the fact that I "plugged" away a little to hard at it for a while and it got a little "stale", it gets sort of tiresome at times and I was a little dissapointed too it seems.

        One of my long - lost relation by the name of Lee is in the radio game out there where you are - there is three brothers - Donald, Rowland, Robert and a sister Zera.  Donald is the Don Lee network connected with the Mutual Broadcasting System - with stations in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, etc.  He has a daughter by the name of Pattrica who is in the movies.  Rowland Lee is a moving picture producer with M.G.M. or Universal - Ive forgotten. and Bob has the Packard agency in Los Angeles.  Their mother Marie Lee is related to my dad and her sister was here at our place on a visit a few years ago.  She has a home and studio at Carmel By The Sea, California, where ever that is.  They're all of the pretty well off I guess - I dont know them at all - never met the boys, and sure dont know me - and how!  There are other relations out there too - scads of them, Josephsons who are in real-estate in Los Angeles and Long Beach - Conterno's in Pasadena - he's quite a singer - or supposed to be - well this is enough about my dear long-lost relations.  Any way I know that Don Lee networks is going to "hear" from me one of "these days".

        Golly, honey, I sure hope you wont forget to send me some pictures of you - all you can spare.  Im really looking forward to seeing the "likeness" of you again - please don't forget, will you? - cause Ill be dissapointed if you do.  Remember the picture you sent me one Christmas? - yep, still got it - for keeps and you wanted it back - try and get it!  Gosh Ill be happy to have a picture of you and the more pictures I get the happier Ill be.

        Well, things are pretty slow here as usual. I havn't been around at all, so it really dont make any difference to me at all.  No work yet of any kind so the pocket book is pretty slim and you know how that it.

        Don Cable dropped in the other day, so I heard all about the trouble he's been having with Ines.  She sure took him to the "cleaners" all right.  About all he's got left is his shirt.  Funny how women can change too!

        This letter is different that the last letter I sent you and Im glad of that.  I didn't like that last one - any.  It was awfully hard to write and still I wanted to explain, if I could, some of that "stuff".  Anyway Im sorry - about a lot of things, I know that much at least - Im sorry.

        I hope Ive made you understand that Im glad you wrote and hope youll write again real soon and tell me what you are doing for excitement and all about California.

        There's not much news here to write about so my letters are not going to be very interesting - so thought Id warn you in advance - Ill do the best I can.  I never was much good at letter writing anyway.

        Have a good time and I know you will - and say "hello" to "your friend" for me.

        Be carefull of those sailors and wear your rubbers when it rains.  Remember the time we got caught in the rain storm at the park in Harriet - we stood under a tree and were soaked - but golly, it was fun!

        If you happen to see Lana Turner when you go to Holly wood, why you can sigh right out loud for me!

 - and if you happen to drop down to Las Vegas Nevada, why drop me a line and let me know.

        All fooling a side though, do write soon darling, and send the pictures too.  Please!

        Bye, Bye, for now then, Sweet, take good care of your self.

Yours, love,


you mentioned, "the things you wanted were out of your reach", what is it you want - tell me!

Bet you dont know, darling.

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