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March 17, 1941 - Neil Doughty

Minneapolis, Minn.
March 17, 1941

Dear Marie:

        Well, it sure was nice hearing from you once more, honey.  Seems like old times all right receiving your letters again.  We sure have written a flock of them, back and forth - pages and pages of letters - make a good sized bundle if they were all in one pile.

        So your having a little rain in California?  Understand a row-boat would have come in handy last week in the Los Angeles area.  I met a fellow, who just came back from out there and he said it had rained steady for a month.  He had a lot of pictures with him that he had taken of the "flood" and believe me it rains hard in California.

        Suppose you have heard about the storm we had here Saturday nite and Sunday.  The temperature dropped from 35 degrees above zero to 6 degrees below zero in six hours.  The wind came in from the North, Northwest - from up around Arthyde somewhere and at one time was at a speed of 85 miles an hour.  Talk about a terrible cold wind.  Sixty-four persons lost their lives in the blizzard, which covered the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin.  Twenty six dead in Minnesota.  Golly that wind was something, the house here shook and rattled as if it would fall apart and cold, oh honey!  Have sent this clipping along cause thought you might be interested.

        Well darling, I finally got rid of Lady Graham - my brother George, bought a thirty-nine Oldsmobile coupe and he and I made a deal; where by, he would trade in Lady Graham as down payment on the Oldsmobile.  So now I havn't any car and spring is almost here - golly Ill have to get busy!  Old Lady Graham and I sure got around but even the best of friends must part.  She was getting pretty old and shaky so thought it best that I get rid of her.  Sure had fun though with Old Lady Graham! - too bad!

        Golly honey, I felt real bad when I didnt receive those pictures.  If I have to wait that long before I get them, Ill need double strength glasses to see them with, cause Ill be so old and feeble.  I know how "speedy" you are when it comes to things like that.  your "prompt", you are - but then I guess I cant complain, cause I dont do so well myself.  Soon as it gets nice though I will make it a point to get a few "snap-shots".  I have a large picture of Baby Pattrica Hale, but it dos'nt belong to me, its Ma Doughty's, so Ill have to try and get a hold of another one to send you.  Wish you would really make an effort though to send me those pictures - please dear!

        I certainly sympathize with all your poor girl's out there.  I know how bad you feel when those soldiers and sailors try to make a date with you.  It certainly is a shame and of course you hate it.   yes! yes! I almost break down and cry when ever I think about it.  Especially when I remember that old slogan of your, "there is safety in numbers"  Poor Marie - it sure is sad! - what do you do, stay in nights? - oh, yeah!

        About those relations of mine out there - well they are all strangers to me and in fact I've never seen them and I couldnt ask favors like that of strangers - but I thought that after I had learned a few "tricks" about the radio game them I would offer some thing in the line of experience, might some thing come of it then.  One of the local fellows is making four hundred and fifty a month and that is not "hay".  Its pretty hard to "break" in to this line unless you know a thing or two.

        It sure is nice Marie, that your working in such a nice place.  Golly youll have to tell me more about the "yacht".  Do they own it or do they rent it like you rent a row boat at Lake Harriet  A trip on one of those "things" would be a treat all right, the "yacht" I mean.  The Mr. must be in the "dough".  Find out if they need a "good man" around "there" and if so, Ill be out on the next freight, side-door pullman so to speak.

        So you really liked the Valentine: Wee, golly, thats awfully nice.  Guess we'll have to call that my "masterpiece" and then forget it, cause I made up my mind that this Valentine was the last one.  It was kind of fun sending them to you, but I dont think anyone buy us appreciate them.  In fact there wasnt anyone else supposed to appreciate them but you and I.  In that case then they wern't made for "publication" and if I was you, I wouldn't show them around to anybody - especially the "boy friend."  You couldnt blame him for getting hot under the collar, over a thing like that and if he didn't he must be "easier going" guy than I would be.  Must be, I dont "get it" - and still, by this time I know you pretty well too, so I think you're up to your old tricks.  Need to be spanked, dont you?  yes you do!

        Is your mother and brother still in Waukegan?  How did it happen that the "folks" settled there?  If thats the case, suppose you have disposed of the property in Arthyde.  Remember Arthyde?

        Well golly honey, I havn't been around much since the last letter I sent you.  Guess there's not much doing that is "extra"  Every body sort of "holding tight" till spring, - wont be long now.

        Thats one time in the year when Minnesota's hard to beat, Spring and early summer.  Sure will be glad, when its nice once more.

        Seems like this "trip" I just dont have any "news" of "interest".  Dog gone Marie I guess Im "slippin" for sure.

        Golly though honey, did want to say "hello" and let you know Im thinking of you.

        Hope youll write real soon and let me know how things are "going" in San Diego California.

        Hope too, that it will be a week of sunshine and warm breezes, so you can take those pictures cause Im really anxious to see them.

        If you leave in June, will we see anything of you in Minnesota?  Sure hope so!

        Write soon wont you dear.  Will say Bye Bye for now cause I want to get this in the mail tonight.

        Miss you, too, kid - more that you miss me.

                                Yours as alway's



        What kind of a kiss, is one in the western style? - better than the one we use to know?

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March 6, 1941 - Wevella

Arthyde Minn
Mar 6 - 1941

Dear Marie,

Loads of thanks for your letter, was certainly glad to hear from you.  We certainly were surprised when we heard you had gone out there.  I thought for sure that you would be Mrs. Somebody by now ha ha.  Thats O.K. Marie dear to look sharp before you make that final leap ha ha.  You know you are young yet, and theres a lot of time in a hundred years.  I wish I were out there with you, I'd roll in the hot sand out there all days long, and take life easy, that is if I have the money.

It doesn't seem possible that there is a place in the United States where its so warm at this time of year, does it?  Here are are marooned behind big snow drifts many feet high unable to get to the main road only with horses, and no hopes even for the road to open for a few weeks at least.  Believe it or not I havn't been any where for seven weeks and Iv'e seen only 3 women in that time.  You know I had the "flu" in January and my kidneys have bothered me many weeks so thats why I havn't been able to go any wheres.  I'm better now tho thank goodness.

Are you working at a family place?  And have you seen any of those glamorous movie stars out there?

Well, snooks you mustn't be lonesome in a fairy land like that, enjoy yourself all you can, now where you have such a good chance.  I had a letter from your mother some time ago, she is feeling fine, I'm so glad that she got better, hope she continues to feel that way so she can enjoy a few years of her life yet.

Am kind of lonesome for your folks tho, when you are so far away.

We are going to fix the upstairs this spring, we intend to finish the north end of it for Violets room and paint it, and linolium on the floor.  We bought a dresser from that Wests auction sale so next time you come over to visit us, you can bunk with Violet in her new quarters.  When you cone back from California you better stop out here for a week or two, hope this old snow will be gone by then ha ha.

Say Marie is that San Diego very far from where Mrs. Ajada lives?

Violet got your card today already that you had written sunday, it certainly doesn't take long for mail to come from there.

Wrote to your mother yesterday too and have one more letter to write so will bring this to a close.

Have a good time out there now we are young only once you know.  When you get old you will be more contented to stay in one place when you have seen more of the world when you were young.  Lots of love Wevella.

P.S. Lets hear from you again.

March 12, 1941 - Kesasta

March 3, 1941 - H. Johnson

March 5, 1941 - Tyohon