Sunday, October 31, 2010

February 26, 1941 - Karl

Feb. 26, 1941

        Dear Marie,

        Well this sure is a surprise, a long ways from home gal and I think that you're the one that really gets aroung. So, I believe that you will see America before settling down, how come that you made such a long hop?

        I can imagine that the coast is beautiful, just like a gift of heaven, thats one spot I havn't been.

        I wrote you a letter the first week of February but it was returned, marked wrong address or address unknown, so my dear I did write but it just din't reach the proper destination.

        I too, have been in the traveling mood and have been visiting around La Salle Illinoise, just a little change of recreation.

        Will be leaving for Chicago next month and will no doubt head for Waukegan.  I am making a short visit to Chicago next  week so will probably get to Waukeagan in a day and visit the Clayton, will think of you while there.

        How did you make connections such as work and etc., say gal you sure work fast and I always thought you were slow at times, well sometimes I'm wrong.

        Why, only last week we had 15 degrees below zero weather, while I suppose you're weather was in the 80's.

        By the way, there is a chain of shoe stores on the coast by the name of Karl Shoe Company, have often wondered if they aren't Kim Folks.

        I think that you will like California too much to come back to Illinoise.  You'll probably _____ a heart-beat in that romantic west.

        They tell me that wine is the favorite liquid out West, so I can see you will have to import your beer from M____.

        Well, my dear, enjoy yourself and always glad to hear from you.  So, if you do decide to come-back I will probably see you in Waukegon or Chicago.

With love,


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