Sunday, October 31, 2010

March 3, 1941 - Gracie

Evanston, Ill
March 3, 1941

Dear My ja:

        So sorry I didn't write sooner But I just read your letter today.  I was on my trip in the north woods and was gone for over 2 weeks.

        It was very pleasant to see clean white snow & plenty of it.  I almost forgot what Winter is like till I got there.  We drove down with a couple young boys that work in Chicago & they were going home for the week end.

        My brother & I went ice skating to the Colonial a indoor rink music there & good ice.

        We also went to watch the skiers in Mt. Zion.  It sure is high & they have a ski tow.

        We didn't have skiis so we didnt go down.  There were 40 people there from Chicago.

        I called Bertha & I spose Ill see her soon.

        Don't be surprised if we would come there but not quite yet - I hope you get something worth while - I mean in the line of work.

        I stayed in the ________ for 4 days on my way back from ____ had a very nice time there too.

        My trip was more social life than any other - Certainly is nice for a change.

        The snow is all gone here too.  raining today so it does look very dreary.

        Sounds so impossible when you speak of flowers.  I sure am glad you have a chance to see that part of the world. I hope I may someday too.

        Write to me soon & I promise to be more prompt now that Im settled again.

As Ever,

                                      from Gracie

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