Thursday, October 28, 2010

July 26, 1940 - King Karl

July 26, 1940

        Dear Marie,

        Received your letter yesterday and was very glad to hear from you.  My oh my, what cute pictures on the stationary if I have my choice it would be the blonde.

        Thank you, my dear, the little wooden shoes were very cute but you did'nt send me your address and that is why you did'nt hear from me, remember sweet, I promised to write and my pilgrim ancestors taught me to be a man of my word-always a gentleman- thats me.

        Sorry that you are not having a good time and I know that if I were there- never a dull moment- I would give you every thrill that you so desire- providing you would permit.  Don't get lonesome Honey, find something interesting to do, such as reading a book- thats cute- you might tell her to stick it up her business.

        News dear, received notice last monday that I am to be transfered to Chicago or some other points east, maybe I will accept and maybe I wont.  I know for sure that I will go home first for a much needed rest.  Will leave Waukegan about Aug. 6th.  I a certain that I will be in Chicago, so if you don't head for Minn.- we will meet again.

        Say Hon, what do you think, my boy, Ted Lewis is at Chez Paree and I listen to him about every eve. at 10:30- WMAQ- tune in the geneltman, boy what atreat.

        Do you miss me dear, well sure I do or is it the Hamms that you miss- yes honey, room 308 as made history during my stay and the memories will be pleasant- you too- like 308 and thats for sure.  I will always maintain that I prefer to wake up in the morning with a lovely blonde and have her head resting on my shoulder- cute is'nt it or do you prefer the same business.

        Talk about the weather, we melted here in Waukegan- I always thought that I was hot and such but the weather took the steam out of everybody.  We had a hard storm last night so today it's much cooler.  Holland must be pretty and I suppose there are many places of interest- Well honey see them all and when you come back you can tell me all about it- when we meet again.

        Yes dear, for your information I have been a little tipsy of late - I am always celebrating- for what I don't know.

        My dear, I've come to that stop sign and to you I say- pleasant memories, a lovely kiss and lots of love,

As ever,                    
         your friend

          "King Karl"   

"Is everybody happy"

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